Substance Abuse Treatments

Substance abuse is an issue in society that is, sadly, unlikely to ever fully disappear. This is because substance abuse isn’t limited to illegal drugs like heroin or cocaine, but is just as rife with alcohol, nicotine, and even prescription painkillers. With so many substances – legal or otherwise – readily available to teenage boys, it’s no wonder so many are in need of substance abuse treatment.

If that’s what you’re searching for your teenage son, you’ve come to the right place. Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge is dedicated to faith-based substance abuse treatment and programs for troubled teens, using the teachings and guidance of Christ to help them shake off the influence of their vices. Here you’ll find out more about substance abuse treatment with Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge.

What Is Substance Abuse?

Despite the name suggesting illicit and dangerous illegal drugs like heroin, substance abuse is much more insidious. While addiction to illegal substances is obviously a problem too, legal substances such as prescription medications and alcohol are just as much of a problem.

While different drugs certainly have different effects – not to mention legal ramifications – the important thing is that they all end up controlling a person’s life. Legal or otherwise, stronger or less so, addictive substances become a desperate need for an addict, and will ultimately change who they as a person.

Even painkillers prescribed by a GP can change a teenager to the point that they live for nothing but their pills, which is where the right substance abuse treatment becomes vital.

Why Does It Happen?

There are all kinds of reasons for someone, whether a teenage boy or a full-grown adult, to fall into the trap of substance abuse. For many teenagers, an element of rebellion often mixed with peer pressure is a big factor – but it can go far deeper.

Mental health issues, loneliness, and the side effects of hormone changes can all lead to finding solace in self-medicating with substances. This will always lead to problems as the addict will inevitably develop a tolerance for whatever gives them their temporary relief and move on to harder and harder substances.

A lifestyle focused around substance abuse often also leads teens further from God, isolating them on an internal, spiritual level.

Why Faith-Based Substance Abuse Treatment?

At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, we take an overall approach to treatment that doesn’t just help teenagers kick their habits, but also explores and mends the root causes of why they became addicted in the first place.

Through patience, care, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we reconnect teenage boys suffering from the loneliness of addiction with God, their family, and their own faith to break the potentially endless cycle of their self-abuse.

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If you’re looking for effective substance abuse treatment that is focused on reconnecting your son with his faith, his family and Christ, contact Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge today. Through intensive treatment, discipleship and mentoring programs, our dedicated team will provide your son with the drug addiction help he needs.