Our Approach

Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge is a 14-month Christian drug and behavioral rehabilitation center that recognizes the unique needs of each teen. Every aspect of our troubled teen program: the structure of his day, individualized academic & discipleship tracts, recreational therapy, leadership training, & life skills projects are developed with intentionality, focusing upon your son’s personal growth and development.

Our 5 Phase System for Teen Therapy focuses your teen’s time with us on discipleship and personal growth on every developmental level. We provide treatment for drug and substance abuse, behavioral problems, and many other life controlling issues.

Intake: Weeks 1-4

  • 3 Part Intake Packet
  • Attitudes Book

Phase 1: Accountability

Students should begin to take a self-inventory in order to better understand the decisions that were made that led them thru the doors of Mid Atlantic Teen Challenge. Personal accountability is the first step toward making long lasting change. Students must also demonstrate and maintain basic level of compliance to all MATC rules.

Phase 2: IdenTity

Students begin to understand their personal value, God’s love for them, and His purpose for their lives. Understanding this value assists them in confronting and managing their emotions, developing greater personal discipline/work ethic, and allows them to confront the worldly mindset that one’s value is determined by wealth, status, and power. A man who understands that his identity is rooted in Christ and is revealed through scripture will be capable of pouring that power out to others and will be equipped to understand his God given purpose.

Phase 3: Building Relationships

Students deepen their relationships with God, family, friends, and their mentors by furthering their understanding of their identity in Christ and growing in the spiritual disciplines. They learn how to seek reconciliation, set healthy boundaries, and how to develop healthy, trustworthy relationships.

Phase 4: Kingdom Dynamics

Students learn to maintain and safeguard their faith and integrity while setting aside cultural norm for Gods kingdom dynamics. Students prepare themselves for future success by developing their leadership style and study the topic of servant leadership as demonstrated by Jesus. By this point students have been given the necessary tools for successful Christ centered living and should solidify these by developing the tool of helping and leading others also known as altruism. They are also encouraged to find vision and purpose within God’s will for their lives.

Phase 5: Full Send

Students prepare for their transition home by setting future career, life, and educational goals and by discussing expectations, rules, and safeguards alongside their families.

Basic Life Skills

Addiction and defiance oftentimes stunts the normal developmental patterns of growth of a troubled teen. Instead of learning how to care for themselves and for the environment around them, their lives are consumed with how to continue their addictive behavior. Adolescence is meant to be a period of increased independence, competency, and personal responsibility as teens prepare to enter adulthood.

Understanding this developmental need, we at Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge focus on teaching these basic life skills to each of our students from day one. Personal hygiene is encouraged through a structured schedule. Each teen learns to keep his personal space clean and organized. We also rotate our teens through five different life skills teams during their time with us, each with its own responsibility, ranging from cleaning and laundry to cooking and organization. As our students learn to take care of themselves and their environment, they begin to build self-esteem, competency, and an appreciation for the things around them.


A foundational life skill for every teen is to learn the benefits and practices of fitness and nutrition. Teens who are using drugs or alcohol are damaging their bodies and are not particularly motivated to participate in regular exercise. By participating in our teen program physical fitness regimen, students begin to learn how to structure their time to invest in physical fitness. As they begin to see the physical benefits of fitness, our troubled teens are able to build self-esteem while learning positive habits that can last a lifetime.

We also believe in emphasizing a balanced, nutritious diet for our students. Our kitchen coordinator works to ensure that our students are given a unique and balanced menu each week. We not only provide a nutritious menu, but we also train our students in how to plan and cook these types of meals for themselves through our kitchen life skills team. With our teen program, each student learns basic cooking skills, proper portions, and nutritional information.


Learning basic work skills is also an important part of the development of any teen. One way that we help to prepare our teens for future jobs is to invest in volunteerism within the community. Our teens are able to learn skills for future employment while helping local charities and churches at the same time. These activities incorporated into our teen program range from helping with logistics to serving at banquets or fundraisers. We also take time to teach each of our teens basic maintenance and lawn care skills as special projects arise. By focusing on helping others, learning professionalism, and serving, our students begin to realize their potential to make a positive difference in the world around them while gaining beneficial work skills.


Our recreational therapy focuses on your teen’s development as he is exposed to a variety of spiritually, physically, and emotionally challenging experiences. We utilize these experiences to help your teen develop his character, life skills, communication skills, healthy relationship building abilities, and his understanding of how to respect and respond to authority. Our students also learn the value of teamwork, perseverance, and hard work while experiencing success together. Through our recreational therapy, we take every opportunity to demonstrate the life lessons that can be found in every life experience…both good and bad.



  • Recreational Sports
  • Trips outside the facility
  • Camping & Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Missions & Service trips


Teen boys have seemingly endless amounts of energy. The goal of our recreational sports program is to help our teens channel this energy in a positive direction while learning team building skills along the way. Our basketball court, weight room, and multi-purpose fields provide the perfect environment for these activities.

Many troubled teens are not on physically healthy life paths, and by participating in sporting activities they can be put on a path toward health and fitness. Our wilderness therapy
program helps teach our students the benefits of eating right and staying physically fit throughout their time with us.

By experiencing the challenges of sports, they also learn many life lessons along the way: handling failure, working with others, the value of hard work, and the self-esteem that accomplishing goals can bring.


Located right by the beach and lots of water, fishing is a must! Fishing along the beach is an opportunity for our students to learn the benefits of patience and strategic thinking. It also provides our staff with plenty of opportunities to connect with our students through positive mentoring relationships.


Our discipleship classes and personal mentoring sessions are the backbone of our troubled teen rehabilitation program. We know that a transformative relationship with Jesus Christ calls for intentional discipleship. In order to answer this call, we utilize quality staff and dedicate time and resources towards creating an environment where mentoring and discipleship are a constant focus. Personal/Group Discipleship Classes & Individual Mentoring help to facilitate this growth as teens move through our 5 Phase System.


During Phases 2 through 5, your teen will participate in Personal Discipleship Classes, five days a week, tailored specifically to your son’s individual needs and his phase goals. We are able to individualize our Personal Discipleship Classes by creating unique learning contracts for each student as they transition through each phase. Our contracts involve reading assignments, journaling, workbooks, bible reading/memorization assignments, and meetings with our Discipleship Coordinator. Each teen will go through slightly different materials depending upon their unique needs, but all of them are tailored to meet the learning objectives of each phase.


Individual mentoring is another foundational piece of our program. Our staff are trained to enter every situation with purpose and intentionality…to seek out mentoring opportunities and to utilize everyday happenings for times to teach and disciple. Students are also able to request additional mentoring meetings with staff members or our Program Manager to seek counsel and wisdom, as times are available.

Every mentoring session is focused on addressing past issues or wounds, seeking healing and reconciliation, and learning new coping skills for the future. Through this process, it is our hope that your son will learn what it means to become a disciple of Christ, bringing to life the truth, power, and wisdom of Scripture.