Our Approach

Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge is a 14-month Christian drug and behavioral rehabilitation center that recognizes the unique needs of each teen. Every aspect of our troubled teen program: the structure of his day, individualized academic & discipleship tracts, recreational therapy, leadership training, & life skills projects are developed with intentionality, focusing upon your son’s personal growth and development.

Our 5 Phase System for Teen Therapy focuses your teen’s time with us on discipleship and personal growth on every developmental level. We provide treatment for drug and substance abuse, behavioral problems, and many other life controlling issues.

Intake: Weeks 1-4

  • 3 Part Intake Packet
  • Attitudes Book

Phase 1: Accountability

Students should begin to take a self-inventory in order to better understand the decisions that were made that led them thru the doors of Mid Atlantic Teen Challenge. Personal accountability is the first step toward making long lasting change. Students must also demonstrate and maintain basic level of compliance to all MATC rules.

Phase 2: IdenTity

Students begin to understand their personal value, God’s love for them, and His purpose for their lives. Understanding this value assists them in confronting and managing their emotions, developing greater personal discipline/work ethic, and allows them to confront the worldly mindset that one’s value is determined by wealth, status, and power. A man who understands that his identity is rooted in Christ and is revealed through scripture will be capable of pouring that power out to others and will be equipped to understand his God given purpose.

Phase 3: Building Relationships

Students deepen their relationships with God, family, friends, and their mentors by furthering their understanding of their identity in Christ and growing in the spiritual disciplines. They learn how to seek reconciliation, set healthy boundaries, and how to develop healthy, trustworthy relationships.

Phase 4: Kingdom Dynamics

Students learn to maintain and safeguard their faith and integrity while setting aside cultural norm for Gods kingdom dynamics. Students prepare themselves for future success by developing their leadership style and study the topic of servant leadership as demonstrated by Jesus. By this point students have been given the necessary tools for successful Christ centered living and should solidify these by developing the tool of helping and leading others also known as altruism. They are also encouraged to find vision and purpose within God’s will for their lives.

Phase 5: Full Send

Students prepare for their transition home by setting future career, life, and educational goals and by discussing expectations, rules, and safeguards alongside their families.