Mentoring Programs at Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge

One of the most painful aspects of addiction is that it isolates the sufferer. The spiritual and emotional torment that comes from these habits is extremely destructive and often sees the person withdrawing inward until they’re truly alone – separated from their family, their friends, and their faith. At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, we’re dedicated not just to tackling addiction head-on but also making sure that your son doesn’t have to face it alone. This is where our mentoring programs come in.

Teen addiction takes a serious toll. Recovery is often just as hard – especially by yourself. While it’s hard for family and friends to always be there for someone who has been transformed by addiction as they attempt to come back to the light, Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge mentors know how to navigate those struggles.

Here you can find out more about Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge mentoring programs, and how it works with the rest of our recovery program.

Why Mentoring Programs?

Like our discipleship programs, our mentoring programs are derived from our Biblical approach to teen addiction recovery. Mentor relationships can be found throughout the Bible, from Jesus with his disciples to the Apostle Paul and Timothy. Our mentors are there to create a one-to-one bond with your teen and help them leave behind their addict’s lifestyle. This personal relationship that is focused on honoring God fosters sharing, trust, and spiritual growth.

How Does It Work?

Our mentoring programs work in tandem with our discipleship programs to create a support system throughout the recovery process. Discipleship involves group classes, where your teen son will share their experiences with others who are experiencing the same journey.

Mentoring is one-on-one and helps to not only act as a foundation for the group sessions but also reinforces the positive spiritual experience and provides a trusted friend to talk to. As the recovery progresses, discipleship integrates more personal sessions with reading assignments, journaling, and meetings with the coordinator.

Remember that every teen’s experience will be different, as the needs of each recovering teen will be unique.

Who Are the Mentors?

Our mentors are experienced staff who have dealt with countless teens struggling with addiction, guiding them through our faith-based recovery process. The mentors at Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge are dedicated and invested in every teen that enters the program, with some even having gone through the recovery journey themselves.

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If your teenage son is struggling with the vices of addiction, Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge is waiting to help. With our mentoring programs and other residential programs for troubled youth, we take a faith-focused approach to drug addiction help that can bring your teenage son out of the fog and back into God’s light. Contact us for help with teen addiction today.