Donate to Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge

Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge thrives on the donations of others, not only because they help us run and maintain our educational and mentoring programs for troubled teens, but because they demonstrate how much the community cares about the work we do. They show that you recognize the value in investing in the rehabilitation of at-risk youth through a dedicated, loving, and faith-based program that has proven to work time and time again. To contribute to Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, visit our Giving Page to make a one-time or recurring payment. Or, make a donation using PayPal by clicking the yellow Donate button. If you are on the fence about making a donation or you want to learn more about the programs your money will help to improve, read below.

The Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge Mission

Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge is a Christian faith-based center dedicated to assisting troubled teen boys aged 12-17 with drug addiction help and other life-controlling problems. We accomplish this through mentoring programs and residential programs for troubled youth, providing them with a daily environment enriched by discipline, worship, study, and community. By helping these young men develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, they become able to live lives free of alcohol and drug abuse.

When you donate to Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, you help us achieve our mission in the lives of more and more troubled teens every day. With your help, we are able to keep our costs affordable for families who need our services the most.

Where Your Donation Goes

Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge is a residential program for teen boys who are wrestling with addictions or chronic misbehavior. In order to keep our facilities and programs operable, affordable, liveable, and effective, we rely on your donations. Between providing residential care, food, shelter, and educational programming, we offer the troubled teens who come through our doors an experience they could receive nowhere else. This is all made possible by the support of churches and donors just like you.

Support Us

When teen boys are lured away by problematic and damaging behaviors, it becomes a problem for many more people than themselves and their family members. Their behaviors can easily put the wellbeing of others at risk. Supporting Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge not only improves the lives of these misguided boys, but it helps us build a community of love and faith that will endure. We hope that you will find our mission worth your dollar, and if you want to learn more about our organization, please visit our FAQs or What We Do pages.