Continuing Education

Here at Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge we offer students with a split schedule to ensure they are getting the most out of their Academic and Recreational periods. During our school room time the boys are provided an online Curriculum called Ignitia. This is a faith-based program and learning management system with Christ-centered lessons and, interactive features to serve teachers and students middle through high school. Students graduate with their high school diploma upon completion of program.

Students are evaluated and given a tailored academic schedule to follow to maximize classroom time for their best progression in each subject. Students receive one-on-one instruction and may ask for extra help in the classroom as well.

We keep parents informed with your son’s schooling as well. Each parent will have their own login for Ignitia so they can see everything their son is doing for school. We also send out educational reports bi-weekly to not only inform you of your son’s grades, but to help you get an idea of how they are behaving/focusing in the classroom!


  • Personal One-On-One Tutoring
  • Video tutoring
  • Fully customizable class curriculum
  • Self-Paced Classes
  • Year-Round Education


Through our secure & monitored internet server, your teen will be able to continue his education with his own personal computer and work space without any concern of “extracurricular” internet browsing.


Does my teen receive an accredited high school diploma?

Yes, as long as he meets the credit requirement for the state or school, your teen will receive a Highschool Diploma from Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge Boys Academy.

Are the school credits transferable if my teen does not meet the credit requirement?

All core credits are transferable in most cases. There have been a few cases where select elective credits were not accepted.

What curriculum do you use?

We use a program called Ignitia; a Christian based curriculum that is interactive and dynamic. Graduates from our Academy have gone on to be accepted into schools and colleges around the country.

What if my teen is behind in school?

Classes are customizable to your teen’s specific needs and placement testing can be given to assess those needs. A majority of our students are able to catch up since our classes run continuously through the 14 month school program. Some of our students even advance and graduate school early.