About Teen Addiction

At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, our mission is to offer a cost-effective solution for boys age 12 to 17 who are dealing with addiction, anger, defiance, and other life-controlling problems. Since 1981, Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge has helped hundreds of students triumph over teen addiction and teach them how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ while living a life free from addictions. Learn more about teen addiction and how Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge can help below.

What is Teen Addiction?

Teen addiction is a serious problem that affects teens and their families. While most people automatically think of drugs and alcohol when they think of teen addiction, there are also several other life-controlling issues that can have serious negative and long-lasting effects on a person if not dealt with.

Addiction, whether it’s to drugs, alcohol, or something else, is defined by two main qualities. The first aspect of a life-controlling addiction is that a person has to continually use more and more of the substance to keep feeling that same initial high. The other element of an addiction is that a person continues using the substance even when there are negative consequences. More than half of people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction as adults began using the substance as teenagers. This is why teen addiction services at Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge are so important.

Helping Teen Addiction Through the Word of God

At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, we understand that addiction is often a result of a deeper underlying set of issues. That’s why our Christ-centered approach to teen addiction recovery focuses on more than just the physical aspects of addiction. We know that true freedom comes with a loving relationship with God. A new life in Christ gives our students the power and ability to overcome life’s obstacles. With our Bible studies, discipleship mentoring programs, and Christian boarding school for boys, our students realize the love that God has for them and learn to become who He has created them to be.

Why Choose Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge?

Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge provides comprehensive teen addiction recovery services for teenage boys in the Virginia area. If you are curious about our services and how they can help your teen break free from addiction and begin a better life, we can help. There is no cost or obligation to inquire whether Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge is a good fit for your family.

To begin the admissions process for our Christian rehab center, fill out an inquiry form. If you have any questions about our programs, please do not hesitate to contact Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge today. A member of our staff will be more than happy to answer your questions. We look forward to speaking with you.